Häagen-Dazs Shop by Watt International Inc. at Hackescher Markt, Berlin – Germany

June 1st, 2015 by retail design blog

Dark finishes, graceful forms, and warm, luxurious materials create a sense of relaxed, contemporary elegance. Whimsical luxury pendants draw passersby into the environment, while luxurious metal drapery creates controlled sightlines and intimate dining zones. Bespoke curvilinear sofas bring a femininity to the space. LED marketing panels above the banquette build appetite appeal and promote brand campaigns. Clean-lined jewel-case freezers, clad in white quartz, maintain exacting temperature standards and elevate the quality perception of the product.

A.R.E. Design Awards 2015, Specialty Food Retailer – Gold Award

Design: Watt International Inc.
Photography: Tobias Wille

via A.R.E. Design Awards

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