A line that tells / Scandinavian book cover design exhibition by Petar Zaharinov, Sofia & Plovdiv – Bulgaria

June 22nd, 2015 by retail design blog

A line that tells” is Rada Yakova’s selection of some of the best Scandinavian book cover designs.

It was one of the main events of Sofia International Literary Festival which focus was the contemporary Nordic literature. The TapeFlips system fit perfectly for the concept because its folding technique accords with the principle of opening and closing books and they both are made out of paper. Furthermore an additional interaction was included as the book cover panels were allowed to rotate. That provoked the public not only to observe the book covers, but to touch and play with them – motions we usually practice with real books. The structure itself is made using mainly paper panels and adhesive tape thanks to the special principle of connecting the panels with the tape allowing 360° rotation angle.

Design: Petar Zaharinov
Curated by: Rada Yakova
Producer: Sofia International Literary Festival

"A line that tells" exhibition – Sofia International Literary Festival 2014 from TapeFlips on Vimeo.

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