Show Dry by Wilson Holloway, London – UK

July 3rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Wilson Holloway were commissioned by haircare company Show Beauty to design their flagship blow-dry bar in Notting Hill. The client’s brief required a distinctive interior that responded to their brand and product range – a concept store that would distinguish them from the raft of blow bars that have recently opened across London.

The design was conceived as a reflection of the geometric forms of their physical product collection. The diamond grid on the glass perfume bottles has been scaled up to form an illuminated ‘quilted’ ceiling, with each pillow individually backlit. The ceiling grid served a dual purpose as a suspended ceiling, housing the mechanical ventilation services behind the frames.

The pillows were made using a polarising fibreglass polymer that creates the iridescent effect. Wilson Holloway used 3D digital modelling to create the shape of the mould that was then fabricated using a CNC machine. The brand colours of black and rose-gold were identifiable across the salon. All bespoke ironmongery was made from mirror-polished steel and then electroplated using a combination of copper and gold alloy to create the consistent rose-gold finish.

Customers can enjoy a unique hospitality level of service in what is traditionally considered a retail environment. Each seat has its own iPad docking station that has been routed flush and concealed within the joinery. The hair-washing stations have been positioned downstairs to provide the patrons with a level of privacy. The designed elements came together to create a luxurious space that enhances the customer experience.

With over twelve years experience working for other practices between them, Wilson Holloway is a newly formed partnership and Show Dry is their debut project. They are currently working on a number of follow-up projects.

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