Aesop Store, Paris

July 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

Although already well-established in the city of light, Aesop finds room for further expansion to serve an ever increasing fanbase. The Australian cosmetics brand has now ventured into untrodden grounds, setting up shop on Rue Condorcet, an increasingly popular shopping thoroughfare in the Pigalle neighbourhood. The shop occupies a compact 44 sqm. [474 sq.ft.] ground floor space which hadn’t been renovated since the 1970s, but Aesop wouldn’t be Aesop if the shop interior wouldn’t somehow flaunt a quirky glimpse of the location’s past. The shop’s humble metal fa├žade and tiled flooring were used by the brand’s design department as the departure point for a compatible palette of raw textures mixed and matched with warm, inviting hues.

An additional yet important inspitation source was Pierre Chareau’s Maison de Verre, a striking example of early modern architecture. Clean horizontal lines, captured by specificially designed furnishings and a number of carefully picked furnishings, dominate the design. An expansive steel shelving system is paired with storage units in timber, and taking center stage is a boxy sales counter with a travertin top. Adding subtle glamorous touches to the setting is the Gae Aulenti’s Quadrofoglio table lamp and a chair by designer Pierre Paulin. The new Aesop boutique stocks the brand’s full range of skin, body and hair care products.

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