RACCOLTA Bakery & Café Dining by ZYCC, Toyonaka – Japan

July 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

Toyonaka where this item is location and a French suburb will be piled up, and a renovation makes the house built of brick full of Midori who has that a European suburb, and it’s an establishing as an annex shop of the bakery shop and the cafe dining where it was imagined with the open space full of green.

The store plan for which I provided was performed as it was the place by the relaxation where I dissolved in daily life of a neighborhood resident aiming at the store which became established in an area.
Not lubberly roughness like New York Brooklyn, but European fineness is taken in as a design taste according to the neighborhood environment, and it’s laid out in the store so that the olive forest beyond an age of the tree for 50 years installed in the center may be enclosed, and the inside of store is being laid out so that an olive tree may be seen from everywhere. An countless LED light bulb was suspended at random from the ceiling by an image like whether honeybees are seeming funny and are playing each other in the store and the design left in an eye catch from outside and memorization was considered so that it might be linked with the name as RACCOLTA and a logo of a honeybee.

Design: ZYCC / Muroya Shoichiro
Direction: operation factory / Koh Yasuyuki / Matsumoto Kunihiko
Green planner: mondoverde / Fujita Takeshi

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