HeyYuNong Restaurant by the Swimming Pool Studio, Nanjing – China

July 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

About HeyYuNong Restaurant:
Characteristic Fish Restaurant / Area : 240㎡ / Construction time:2015-05/ Location : Nanjing , China

We create a kind of natural and fashionable youthful diet experience by using and combining a big amount of old wood, metal plate and texture cement wall according to the new definition of this fish restaurant by the client. We didn’t only recycle the old wood but also modified the ‘Hu’ (a kind of ware that was used to store grain in ancient China ) to pendant lamps so that the old objects are endowed with new sense. The combination of new and old, smooth and natural skin textures interpreted the different new fashion of esthetics and restaurant.

Design: the Swimming Pool Studio
Photography: Wenjie Hu

About The Swimming Pool Studio:
The Swimming Pool Studio is a smart and creative oriented interactive studio based in Shanghai, China. From 2009, we have more than 12 staffs and some in-house freelancers with more and more clients.
We always help clients to realize their goals, by leveraging different kinds of design techniques and materials. Influenced by an effective process flow and project management method, we can deliver a user friendly work according to clients’ timeline, demand and bear cost-save in mind. In addition, we always balance user experience with good design.

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  1. Mathew says:

    Love the restaurant design i bet food ther is also great.

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