Crafty Cow Gastro Pub by Markco Studio, Hong Kong

July 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

Crafty Cow is a gastropub establishment located in POHO Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Approximately 53sqm containing a kitchen and a bar, it was created as a hub for quality wagyu beef and craft beer tasting for the POHO community, known for its funky and vibrant characteristics in the neighbourhood.

Crafty Cow aims to bridge the cultures by infusing many native flavors that are experienced during our childhood years aboard into the dishes, hence the food served is new, yet familiar; food that speaks to the 3rd culture generation. The store design depicts this idea with the concept of the hybrid of the farm with the city, the connection between our origins and humble beginnings to where we are now. Natural, raw and reclaimed materials form the main material palette including a variety of concrete treatments, reclaimed timber and copper balanced with greens and plantation landscape.

Concrete traditionally creates an impression of lifelessness and dullness. To bring the history and life from this raw material, the aesthetic of concrete has been refined through a series of formwork processing as shown on the façade allowing the familiar texture and grains to seep through the concrete, adding life and excitement to the one of our most common building materials in the world. The idea of the pallets, a common storage means used in traditional farming, forms the main medium connecting the internal split-level space. Display shelves at the entrance made from an adaptation of timber pallets showcases the famous selection of craft beers whilst the suspended pallet lighting feature braces the two different zones together.

To balance the interior space from tough rawness, a variety of details are considered and implemented such that of internal plantation being installed above the feature pallet lighting creating a soothing yet stimulating dining area; the bar cladded with treated corkboard panelling to absorb and soften the acoustics, while various walls are textured and framed articulately with 5mm copper trims throughout the space.

Design: Markco Studio
Photography: Crafty Cow

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