Oye Cariño Restaurant Branding by Futura

July 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

“Oye Cariño!” (Hey Darling!) is a seafood restaurant located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Mexico is a multicultural country, where you can find in every corner a different way of seeing life. The beaches in the south immediately drive us to enjoyment, were the rhythm of walking is different, the food is fresh and the style of music get mixed with the one from the neighbours ignoring any borders. Our graphical proposal is inspired on the rhythm of a song that talks about this. Is a soft Mexican samba that tells the story of a woman who travels the world looking for better opportunities but she ends up going back home convinced that life there is better.

The name “Oye Cariño!” it’s a call that shows intimacy and closeness between two strangers, something very common in a place where being on a bad mood is forbidden because the official soundtrack is the movement of the waves on the sea. The colour selection is fresh, the only way we could have anything under the sun.

Oye Cariño! a restaurant that reminds the locals of Playa del Carmen that traveling is not always the best option.

Design: Futura

via Packaging of the World

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