Serge DeNimes Pop-up Store by SFD, London – UK

August 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

The creative arm of SFD used a combination of industrial steel and translucent polycarbonate to showcase Serge DeNimes new Autumn/Winter clothing collection within a modern and dynamic pop-up space.

Coming together through their passion for contemporary culture and innovative design these two creative forces collaborated to present this pop-up space in SFDs 100m2 central London design studio. Building on the success of previous launches Serge DeNimes approached SFD with a brief that mirrored their new range entitled ‘Concrete Jungle’. Incorporating and experimenting with a range of textures, shapes, fabrics and blocks of colour the new range used a spectrum of burgundies, greys and khakis that define their street-ready collection.

The new collection has a minimal feel to them, with clean lines that is reflected and echoed in the pop up that SFD designed and installed. The intersecting steel walls formed a medley of spaces and angular compartments that provided communication of their latest collection, and, when pieced together the flow of the space tell the story of Serge DeNimes as a brand. Creating these separate rooms allowed for immersion and intrigue within each collection and to understand the inspiration and lifestyle that influenced the design.  The rooms created a sense of containment and separation from the other ranges in the collection.

Vinyl copy was applied to the key architectural interior features around the space to allow the brand to convey their story; telling people the biography of Serge DeNimes, their inspirations and the lifestyle the brand leads.

SFD branded the collaboration ensuring continuity across all touch points and marketing material including social marketing, invitations and press bags for the launch event. ‘In terms of a pop up space, and a collaboration with a creative brand, this was the best thing we have done to date’ says Oliver Proudlock, Creative and Managing Director at Serge DeNimes.

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