Painted mirror ceiling for Longchamp store by Aluphant, London – UK

August 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

Freedom, imagination and elegance make up the Longchamp philosophy. Sixty years of know-how in quality have secured Longchamp’s position as a leading luxury brand. For the Bond Street store of Longchamp in London, Aluphant created a custom white on mirror design. The mirror effect makes the galloping horse to shimmer on the metal surface. The painted metal now can be found on the ceiling and walls in many Longchamp boutiques over the world.

Aluphant offers a wide range of finishes and supplies high quality custom products. The easy workability of aluminium allows great designs for all kind of applications like sidewalls ceilings and product displays.

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  1. Sadie Newman says:

    Very interesting article. I love their ceiling. I am going to offer to my husband to do the same at home. Best regards!

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