Dejavu musical restaurant by Baraban+, Kiev – Ukraine

August 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

The interiors of Dejavu musical restaurant embody the drive and the unique spirit of the music world. Noteworthy that the restaurant as the club invites disco and rock legends of all generation and hasn’t received even one failure. No wonder – energy just overshoots here. Bright and game design of each area complemented with unique design elements: musical instruments, collector’s rarity motorbikes, legendary labels and disco balls.

Noteworthy that design of the restaurant embodies the true disco drive, however, balanced and respectable, like a good single malt. Interior graphically combined with dark gray and red brand colors became the perfect background for legendary rock and ageless disco and of course for high-end cuisine.

Special place in restaurant is given to unprecedented collection of souvenirs to all genuine music lovers – Memorabilia with genuine signatures of the prominent musicians such as Metallica’s concert guitar, exclusive scarf of Patricia Kaas, gold records of the legendary Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin bands and more. That case when the restaurant has a soul – unique style that is close to our man, but no stranger for foreigner.

Designed by Baraban+

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