Malahat Speakeasy & Mixology bar by Bienal Comunicación, Mérida – Mexico

August 16th, 2015 by retail design blog

There is some truthful fiction and some magic logic in what is hidden. Textures and nuances that hold inside its’ essence the best kept secret: sophistication. Mystery turns truth into fantasy and fantasy into truth; human motivations are always hidden. Malahat was the name of a smuggling boat called “The Queen of Rum Row”. Rum Row was a term used during the Prohibition to call a series of boats that smuggled alcohol into the United States, people who smuggled the alcohol were known as “Rum runners”.

Among antique houses, restaurant and bars downtown Mérida there is a wooden plaque with a gold symbol next to a door that is usually closed. If you knock and get inside you will find a narrow bar lit with candles, jazz music playing in the background and a wall covered with classic and exclusive liquors. This is Malahat, a gloomy bar with a daredevil spirit inspired in the speakeasy culture.

We created a handwritten logo, not very legible with a mysterious air; our purpose was to keep the enigma behind “The Queen of Rum Row”. We created a symbol integrating many elements that contribute to give the bar a very unique personality. For example, Rosemary, considered a sacred and magic plant, used in mixology for the bar’s drinks. Also the Sea, a bottle and bubbles, important if you want to know the alcohol volume in some drinks. All the other illustrations were made to complement the story behind the Brand. This project is the result of a collaboration with Punto Arquitectónico in order to create a complete and consistent work, a place where the brand and the environment bond nicely together.

Designed by Bienal Comunicación

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