Villa De Bear Restaurant by party/space/design, Bangkok – Thailand

August 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

The restaurant on the road with the family segment. Villa De Bear offers a uniquely prominent than a typical restaurant with the creation story of the teddy bear factory to merge with a European architecture.

Teddy Bear Factory is divided into three main areas include a dining area inside – outside the building, and the reception is specially decorated for the camera. By creating a plan to turn the story of a doll factory, such as departments prepare materials, stitching, molding and assembly department till packing department. Villa De Bear is so full of fantasy made of wood, steel, concrete and brick elements to enrich the ideas being put around. Whether a wooden trough belt conveyor product filled with teddy bears. Many were taken to the gear stick decorations to create an atmosphere where every plant and we will meet with friends ‘Villy’ Bear Mascot of the restaurant.

Design: party/space/design
Photography: Somchai Umnuaywerot

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