gQlab Packaging by You-jin Jung

August 28th, 2015 by retail design blog

gQ lab (jikyu rap) is a brand new product of ILDONG Pharmaceutical that specializes in probiotics. It was made on continuous research results and advanced technologies through the most competitive production facilities.

gQ lab (jikyu lab) products have been applied to the world’s first quad-coating patents. Through this patented technology to reduce the loss of live probiotic bacteria of the distribution process and to strengthen from the gastric acid and bile, gQ lab(jikyu lab) are designed probiotics to reach live up to intestine.

Strategies for the package design of gQ lab are as follows:
● First, the layout is designed with powerful BI image in order to enhance awareness of this new brand product. Also, we made new Logo which means gQ(Gut Quotient) that Ildong suggest. To be specific, ‘g’ means reminiscent of intestine, and ‘Q’ means dashboard to measure the dimensions. These logo will make consumer aware of the benefit of this product intuitively. As a result, the layout of packaging design implies that the image of the product for managing every day systematically.
● Second, we need a unique design that can ensure strong product competitiveness because of the many competitors in the probiotics market. So, we make this unique design whose motif is elastic band of Moleskine note. This form can enhance the convenience in the opening and closing and the possibility of ongoing medication compliance. As a result, the packaging design makes it possible to store and keep rather than for single use only.
● Third, design uses only minimum symbols and texts to deliver clear effectiveness as a functional supplement. This design is simple, but has clear message that consumer need most. And this design can make true and sincere image of our brand.

Design: You-jin Jung (in-house designer)

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