Fendi Pop-up Store by FormRoom at Harrods, London – UK

September 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

FormRoom were invited to work alongside Fendi to produce a unique retail space in Harrods inspired by the grandeur of their new headquarters – Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. In collaboration with the artistic duo Analogia Project, the artists Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra, this pop-up transports customers to majestic Rome by mirroring the impressive archways and structural magnificence of the building.

FormRoom specified materials and finishes that would immerse customers in an ethereal and sensory experience. The whole area was identified by a bespoke carpet of washed blue tones with an antique bass trim. Bags were showcased on acrylic shelves positioned in the arches of fragments of ruined building finished with a stucco effect. These are backed by illuminated light boxes of blue sky scattered with clouds, making them appear to float within the space. This dynamic element was then continued by large LED screens presenting moving versions of these cloudy skies.

To encourage customer interaction, FENDI wanted to include a bespoke piece that would showcase their first digital competition. FormRoom produced a stylish iPad stand where customers design their own bag to enter the competition.  The competition prize is then displayed on an accompanying stand beside it. FormRoom designed and produced accompanying furniture and fixtures for the space in glass, leather and lacquer to display mini bags and accessories.

FormRoom had a dedicated team on this project; after surveying the site space, the team took concept visuals and prepared the technical drawings required for manufacture and installation. This highly successful pop-up is beautifully styled and created an interactive world-first for FENDI.

Design: FormRoom
Photography: Melvyn Vincent

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