Made You Look Windows by Lucky Fox, London – UK

October 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

Lucky Fox has collaborated with online design brand MADE.COM on the launch of its MADE You Look campaign.

The brand is investing more than £4m in it’s first ever Europe-wide intergrated campaign, and for part of this Lucky Fox designed the brand’s Soho showroom window displays. Taking inspiration from the various vignettes that are part of the MADE.COM DNA, and also the idea of real product vs imagined product, Lucky Fox designed and created silhouettes of the MADE.COM icons and well known pieces

This slightly unconventional way to approach a showroom scheme – having less product in the windows – meant that customers can see through into the showroom and all of the innovations happening inside. A large screen was also installed as part of the scheme, allowing MADE.COM to feature imagery from the campaign and also to update the screen to show content from UNBOXED. Lighting strips and neons were added as a cheeky nod to Soho, and also to ensure the windows had kerb appeal during the evenings.

Lucky Fox has always been fans (and customers) of the MADE.COM brand, and jumped at the chance to work with them. Their business model is a very interesting one and their award-winning collaborations with designers and graduates is always something that keeps them ahead of many of their competitors. We like their unconventional approach and openness to our ideas, and in turn, we are able to explore other areas of creativity and retail design that encompasses more than just fashion,’ explains Jason Traves, Lucky Fox head of creative.

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