Coffee Ground by Kiwi & Pom, Endsleigh – UK

November 19th, 2015 by retail design blog

Kiwi & Pom were invited to develop a new artisan café concept that would focus on ‘micro-roasting’. The project included café interior design, brand identity development, and art direction of photography and graphical elements. Coffee Ground is first to market with micro-roasting and holds strong environmental credentials; the coffee on offer is Rainforest Alliance certified, organic and Fairtrade. Spent coffee grounds are upcycled to make things such as tables, coffee machine panels, and soil nourisher that can be used in the garden at home. The micro-roasting technology allows Coffee Ground to slow roast beans in small batches, by hand and onsite, producing a unique flavour and consistent quality. A bespoke hand-painted feature wall illustration explains the coffee growing, harvesting and batch roasting processes to customers.

The Coffee Ground interior is characterised by a ‘refined rustic’ palette relating to the outdoors. Galvanised steel, weathered zinc, terracotta pots, Lloyd Loom furniture and gabion planters were selected as ‘living materials’ that would patina with age. Central to the design is a galvanised steel free-standing ‘shed’, clad with timber lapped boards. Designed to be as flexible as possible, the shed structure is modular allowing it to flex in length; Kiwi & Pom also designed mobile ‘plant screens’ to enclose the café space. The shed works as a preparation area, servery and display for products – as well as serving as a landmark for the café. In addition, its distinctive shape is incorporated into branding and graphics. Coffee Ground has now rolled out to numerous sites in the UK.

Design: Kiwi & Pom
Photography: Gareth Gardner

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