MRP Store by Dalziel & Pow, Melbourne – Australia

January 7th, 2016 by retail design blog

MRP have taken their first steps into the Australian market with a store concept designed by Dalziel & Pow that delivers personality, fashion and value for everyone. Continuing a five-year collaboration, Dalziel & Pow have worked with the leading South African fashion retailer to create a flagship in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre – MRP’s first store to launch outside Africa. Building on the store at V&A Waterfront, Cape Town that opened in 2014, the new design focuses on introducing the brand to Australian customers who are unfamiliar with its heritage, as well as making a bold impact in the shopping mall.

A large format digital screen showcases the brand’s fashion films within the shopfront, enticing trend-savvy Melbourne shoppers passing by. Inspiring fashion vistas are achieved by leading with display and presenting raised VM deeper into the environment. The hierarchy of brands within the store has been rebalanced to allow the overall MRP identity to shine, enhancing the feel of being a branded house rather than a house of brands. An urban, unfinished surface acts as a unifying backdrop throughout the store, with sub-brands layered onto this. In the Kids’ department, for example, a South African illustrator was commissioned to design original cartoons.

Hotspots are located within the shopfront to inspire customers with the latest looks across all the brands, while smaller capsule displays support the navigation and sub-brands. The MRP brand inspires trust and affection acros

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