1944 Restaurant by ido design, Ahmedabad – India

August 9th, 2016 by retail design blog

“1944” is a Restaurant by the Havmor group of restaurants – a chain which dates back to the year 1944. The interior design is a translation of the brief to carry forward its legacy, class and respectability. The space is a modern day interpretation of the design style in the 1940’s where many art deco influences can be seen.

The space sings together with the use of a few materials and its techniques. The smaller details like the wooden fluting, the beveled edges of the mirrors, rounded corners, the stripes of the fabric and the blue & gold accents – together create an overall experience that takes you back in the 1944 era and serves you the class and richness. The strong symmetry in the space leads to a comforting dining experience.

Designed by ido design
Photography by Darshit Ringwala

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