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One of the main approaches in the OFFCORSS Stores renovation project begun with these questions: “For whom are the shops created?”, “Who are our end users?”, “Who makes the purchase?”. The answers seem obvious, but its complexity could be one of the deepest issues of the brand: OFFCORSS stores are designed and created for children and young people but not only children and teenagers are our clients, but also their parents, and therefore what happens inside must move and attract kids, but always captivating and romancing adults.

The universes that make up the world OFFCORSS are multiple and include important segments, from babies and kids to the young men and women, covering also their home environments and other areas of their lives.

How to create a space in which each of these universes can be expressed from the colors, shapes, textures and images?, Why not think of a place that contains all these worlds?, A place that allows us tell stories from magic, technology, music and movement, a place in which small or huge stories can take place … a movie studio!!!

Imagine that a group of children of different ages (new scouts) are in an empty warehouse, in a sort of hangar full of utilery, building materials, paint, lights and different objects that could make a small city within of any modern city today, and everyone begins to build there a place that may occur from their dreams:

Children imagine a magical world where they can touch everything they see, a space out of their minds, which brings together music, technology, science, sports and movement. This is their laboratory and they can experience, create, dream and play. Welcome to an adventure that will take the path of the imagination, perhaps the most wonderful way of all, because as Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

The girls know that the magic is in the details and details are everywhere here. Would not you like a place just for girls?, A space out of a book or a movie?, A place to feel girly, where you can play to be actresses, models and stars that illuminate every place they go?. you are there!, you may feel tender, romantic and glamorous. Here you all are accomplices, a glance is enough to understand each other, because among girls sometimes words are secondary, what matters is the heart.

Younger kids discovered in the tree house that magical place where the first stories of dad took place. Its walls are witness to endless hours of gameplay, plans to “take” the jar of Grandma’s cookies and fun days where you struggle to take minutes at night before giving up and fall under its mantle.

Designed by Plasma Diseño
Project directors: Ana I. Saldarriaga (Brand manager OFFCORSS) + Carlos García (Projects Director)
Industrial Designers: Andrea Uribe (OFFCORSS) + David Patiño y Juan E. Ballesteros (Plasma)
Graphic Designer: Javier Gómez (Plasma)
Architect: Alexandra Sánchez (Plasma)
Photography: Tato Gómez

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