Harvey Nichols flagship store by Virgile + Partners, London – UK

April 10th, 2016 by retail design blog

As one of London’s leading luxury department stores, Harvey Nichols is on top of the retail game. Aiming to consolidate this top spot, the retailer continues to innovate and has just revealed a renewed men’s department in its flagship store in Knightsbridge. The elaborate transformation, supervised by local design agency Virgile + Partners, took no less than nine months to finish, and marks the kick-off of a bigger, four-year renovation scheme for the entire premises. The first sign of the men’s department upgraded significance are two new dedicated street entrances, followed by a complete overhaul of how men’s collections are showcased.

Harvey Nichols has decided to steer clear of the usual shop-in-shop configuration, and has instead opted to present the 270 brands it stocks in a number of specialized boutiques, each with a variety of collections, introducing a though-out and sophisticated narrative to the shopping experience. The new set-up will surely stimulate the fashion senses, and it’s playfully paired with both fashion and art installations across a surface of 28,000 sq.ft. [2,601 sqm.]. Harvey Nichols’ new menswear department not only covers all aspects of a men’s wardrobe, but also aims accommodates the most discerning of males with top-notch lifestyle services.

New to the men’s department is the swanky style concierge suite, a private space replete with large interlinked dressing rooms that can either be split up or used as a one giant room by customers and their friends for any kind if event. Mind you, it comes with cell phone charging points, cherry picked furnishings, and last but not least, its very own bar. Another innovation is the so-called project 109, a new space opening next month, stocking a curated range of gifts, technology, shades, fragrances and grooming products. It will also include an installation section where a rotation of branded pop-ups will be held. Additionally, traditional barbers are on the premises for expert grooming, and plenty of skilled style advisors to tackle any fashion crisis.


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