DICE sculptural installation by OPENSYSTEMS Architecture, Shanghai – China

May 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

DICE takes inspiration from the contemporary flair of the fashion labels on display and it resembles the form of a primitive crystalline formation: the prismatic dodecahedra is inspired by the geometry that can be found in natural crystals and rocks. The periodic arrangement of the molecules of crystals and the beautiful structures they form when they orderly come together. This idea implies the definition of one singular component that could be repeated and assembled in multiple ways.

DICE is a sculptural installation to mark the entrance of the NN store in Shanghai. Dice acts as sculptural installation and, at time, become furniture as well as display areas. The installation reflects light from different angles crating a playful interaction between the customers and the shop and enhance the clients’ shopping experience.

Dice marks the entrance to the boutique in a spectacular fashion. Its geometries reflects light capturing the attention of the passer-by. At the same time, its many surfaces fragments the reflected image of the surrounding space camouflaging the structure within its own environment. OPENSYSTEMS was selected as part of the RIBA Shanghai Window Project 2014. The project aimed at creating a collaboration between Chinese retailers and UK architects and designers. Our collaboration with fashion retailer NN represents an exciting synergy of architecture and fashion design between China and the UK.

The project takes inspiration by the fractal geometries that can be found in nature. In particular, Dice was inspired by the intricacies of the beautiful Chinese landscape. The main challenge during the realisation was determined by the communication barriers with the Chinese manufacturer. While the quality of craftsmanship resulted to be outstanding, it wasn’t always easy to instruct the manufacturer regarding connection details and technical solutions.

Designed by Marco Vanucci / OPENSYSTEMS Architecture Ltd.
Photography by Liam Clarke

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