MILK LAND HOKKAIDO→TOKYO flagship shop by Ryusuke Nanki, Tokyo – Japan

May 19th, 2016 by retail design blog

A flagship shop was designed to present to the world Japan’s representative dairy production area, Hokkaido’s dairy products brand. What one is eating tastes better when they receive in-depth information about the food. To have consumers experience this is one of the most effective branding strategies. This principle was applied to this shop. The consumer could gain knowledge, eat and purchase in the one space. The shop was designed so as to create synergy between each of these actions, leading to more effective brand building.

In the center of the shop was a giant wooden table, the length reaching to 18 meters. The table functioned for giving out information and eating and also selling products. People who visited the shop could gain knowledge on dairy famers’ efforts in producing dairy products and also on advanced transport system from the miniature farm and city, were able to eat at the table, and also could purchase products stocked in the refrigerator built in the huge table.

The table was divided in two at one point. A green carpet ran between, leading to the cashier in the back. Further in the back were a kitchen and a counter where desserts were served. The former owner of the place who used to run a restaurant here had difficulties trying to attract customers to this space in the back, so to solve this problem the counter was redesigned to be a special place serving desserts.

Special desserts made with food material in Hokkaido only available at this shop were served. Various kinds of cream from Hokkaido, cereal, and sauce were available for customers to pick out and combine to create their own desserts. More than 300 combinations were possible, which made this shop a special place and created regular customers. The flagship shop was a pop-up store open only for 3 months, but had more than 110,000 visitors, creating special experience and expanding fan base of products from Hokkaido.

Staff list
Architect: Ryusuke Nanki / Sachiko Abe / Mina Ueyama
Creative director/Art director : Segawa Hiroki
Copy Writer: Ai Sakamoto
Construction director: Youhei Aikawa
Producer: Shingo Yanagiya / Ninomiya Yukako

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