Veladora restaurant by Mister Important Design, Santa Fe – USA

July 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

Mister Important Design is an interior design firm that brings an ebullient perspective to interiors. Specializing in hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and lounges, Mister Important Design works closely with clients to achieve interiors that exceed expectations. Exuberant interors that are designed to be remembered and talked about.

An enthusiastic embrace of many time periods, styles, intents, and aesthetics are sampled to create interiors the way hip-hop artists sample to create new musice. Everything is available and usable, and the sparks fly best when kitsch and glamour, new and old, high low all rub up against each other. Colllaboration with emerging designers and artists world-wide keeps the work fresh and suprising.

Use of cutting edge technologies in lighting and materials coupled with a deep background in traditional furniture and décor help produce the unexpected thrill of these spaces. Founded in 2005 by Charles Doell, the interiors of Mister Important Design have been widely featured in the international design press. Wallpaper Magazine said it best- Charles Doell is a “design whiz-kid”.

Translated as “candle”, Veladora features a glowing interior that sparkles with light. Mister Important was inspired by the natural jewel tones of the San Diego coastline as well as its rich Mission history. The dining room features a large Damien Hirst butterfly painting which vibrant colors are echoed throughout the room. Showcasing new seating by Benjamin Hubert and traditional Spanish Revival looks, Veladora is both modern and antique.

Design by Mister Important
Design team: Charles Doell, Principal and Miriam Marchevsky, Project Team
Photography: Jeff Dow

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