Pernod Ricard offices by Creative Spaces, Auckland – New Zealand

August 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

Creative Spaces has designed the new offices of Pernod Ricard located in Auckland, New Zealand. Pernod Ricard’s new fitout aimed to bring their people together into a fresh and transparent environment that encouraged collaborative working styles. Spread over several floors, Pernod Ricard decided to consolidate onto one 1800m2 floor, in a newly constructed inner city building. Pernod Ricard wanted the fitout to speak strongly of the products they represented. The overall palette was chosen to represent a ‘Crisp Clean New Zealand wine’, and the main draw card of the space was the bar.

As visitors enter the space they are able to see across the atrium to a small glass vessel- a themed meeting room, then beyond to the Open Plan. There are no security lines, which gives a sense of inclusion and transparency for the guest. From the entrance they are led to the Reception/Bar/Staff Hub. Stunning harbour and city views complement the reception and bar joinery, which is representative of the Brancott Estate ridgeline. The bar shelving is simple and flexible to allow the display to be re-configured for the changing campaigns.

The meeting suite is stepped back from the exterior of the building allowing a pathway with interesting vistas through the atriums whilst still ensuring the rooms receive good natural light. Careful consideration was given to the acoustics, knowing that floor shared two common atriums and had very few walls. Quilted fabric wraps the partition behind reception and hanging baffles visually lead people through the space whilst providing a secondary sound absorber.

Design: Creative Spaces
Photography: Simon Devitt

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