Microsoft Offices by PDM International, Suzhou – China

November 9th, 2016 by retail design blog

PDM International has developed the new offices of global technology company Microsoft located in Suzhou, China. Details of the Brief: PDM International had done several projects for Microsoft previously and where invited to tender for the project alongside other top international design companies competing in China.

Since the tender brief asked for a design that would help to attract and retain young & talented people, the focus was on the concept and how to cater to the unique needs of the different engineering groups while integrating the Workplace Advantage (WPA) program, a strategic program designed to identify and meet the unique needs of Microsoft’s businesses through the provision of appropriately designed and equipped work environments.

The new Suzhou Campus has been designed to cater for a maximum occupancy headcount of 2000 pax. The goal was to create an energetic and welcoming design language / concept for the campus building that was designed to include multifunctional seminar and event spaces, attractive F&B choices, indoor and outdoor sports and wellness facilities as well as flexible team spaces to support creative brainstorm sessions and casual / formal meetings alike.

Final Design: Microsoft’s success as a global company comes from incorporating the best thinking of a wide range of peoples and cultures. This sense of global connection is the key metaphor the design language is based on. An additional aspiration was to connect the concept to the rich history, culture and scenery that is particular to Suzhou.

The principal manifestation of this “connection” is captured within the well lit central atrium that is inspiring and bold and gives a sense of diversity while connecting the building with a central staircase. The color gradient through the floors from ochre to green and finally blue is inspired by the famous gardens of Suzhou with its rich earth, lush tree canopies and clear skies.

A variety of dimensional and dynamic spaces are giving the new Suzhou office a sense of energy, passion and vigor. The integrated use of various forms of technology (visual, art, etc.) reflects Microsoft as an innovative leader. Through the careful selection of an appropriate material and finishes palette a young, sophisticated, casual look and feel is achieved while the bolder but targeted use of color appropriate to the overall design concept will add additional depth to the workplace environment.

Design: PDM International
Photography: Scott Wright

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