Earnest Ice Cream store by Janks Design Group, Vancouver – Canada

January 24th, 2017 by retail design blog

Earnest Ice Cream is a truly wholesome product, made from the finest high quality ingredients offering creative and unique flavor combinations. The 2700 square foot space is in a heritage building housing a production facility and retail ancillary in front. The existing brick clad walls and solid wood post and beam structure offer a base platform for an inviting, warm, and rustic atmosphere.

The new materials carefully selected complement adding fresh crisp details to an industrial look such as reclaimed barn wood, decorative metal paneling, solid poured concrete combined with white subway tile and copper light fixtures. The long concrete counter, includes an embossed logo and branding slogan with Azulej patterned tile to introduced a visual break between the finishes.

The large window treated with logo graphics showcases the production zone while screening some visibility into the area. All custom furniture was constructed from piping and reclaimed wood and copper lighting by Good Animal both enhanced the design directive and look.

The center fixture added volume to the void making the space feel cozy, and the light balls reminiscent of ice cream scoops. Overall, the room was a collaboration of old, new, rustic, industrial and fresh. A perfect backdrop created for a “one of a kind” product that results in a unique room reflecting their exclusive wholesome treat.

Design: Janks Design Group
Photography: Amanda Oster

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3 thoughts on “Earnest Ice Cream store by Janks Design Group, Vancouver – Canada

  1. What a store yr it is providing a luxury look to the store and I also want to get this kind of luxury look for my co-working space in Bangalore so thanks for sharing this amazing architecture with us.

  2. By watching this interior I must say that this is the example of the best interior designing and I just love this kind of designing personally, so thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Wow!! Looks Beautiful

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