Chanou bistro by Joongho Choi studio, Seoul – Korea

May 6th, 2017 by retail design blog

Chanou is the second restaurant of Chanou Manu group. You can enjoy classic french ‘bistro’ cuisine in the beautiful space designed by Joong Ho Choi. Led by the Chef Chanoh Lee and Chef Mathieu Moles. Chanou shows you the future of bistro. CHANOU, located in the center of Cheongdam-dong in Seoul, Korea, is a French bistro run by chefs, Chan Oh Lee and Mathieu Mores.

We have reinterpreted the space by adding urban and cool modern sensibilities reflecting the characteristics of a classic style and streets with dense fashion brands that fit in the concept of the French bistro. The atmosphere of CHANOU is shown differently every hour by having a natural lighting only from the south and a deep space structure in the opposite direction.

The atmosphere changes from day to night, reflecting the characteristics of its space. We have created an atmosphere that makes people feel cozy with plenty of light to enjoy their meals in daytime and then dark and relaxing in the evening to have their drinks and dinner like a lounge. We have designed all of the furniture, shelves, lighting, etc. in this space.

Based on the natural and rough concrete texture created in the space, it is designed with a contemporary process method and simple form by properly using classic style materials such as velvet furniture, gold-colored lighting, and stain glass. This allows the atmosphere of the restaurant to stand out by arranging fragrant flowers and trees along with art that we can reflect the sensitivity of the owner CHANUO, chef, Chan Oh Lee.

We have designed three private rooms in this space. The private room, located near the entrance, is equipped curtains along the glass wall so that the room can be opened or closed in regard to the user’s mood. When opened, it can add an image of extended space as well as a new sensibility with different colors and feeling to the space.

By installing a secret door using mirrors within two inside spaces of the other rooms, it makes the space cozier through a dark intensity of illumination. We have created this special private space by configuring comfortable furniture.

Design: Joongho Choi studio

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