Base store by Minale Design Strategy, Hornu – Belgium

August 1st, 2017 by retail design blog

BASE struggled to position itself on the market because its previous incarnation had no identity or anything that differentiated it from its competitors. The instore atmosphere was also very office-like and dull, with no way for customers to discover and try out new technology. So, this was the starting point from which Minale Design Strategy worked to transform BASE into a more customer-centric mobile specialist that stands out compared to traditional telecom shops. We have ever more things to do and ever less time to do them in; in a world where physical boundaries no longer apply, there are countless experiences out there, and people to meet everywhere you go.

The technology and permanent connectivity that has become a part of our life these days allows us to live our adventures to the fullest, and thanks to BASE, our mobile phone becomes our trusty guide, our swiss army knife that we can rely on in any situation. It’s not just a telecom store, no, BASE is firmly planting the flag and marking the territory of a new way of life – a mobile way of life. BASE is the loyal companion that equips us to explore this brave new world.

The retail space is split into 3 different zones that each offer different buying journeys. The Repair & Go area is placed at the very entrance to the store, to draw people in and really show their technological expertise. The Advice & Sales space is at the heart of the shop, placing mobile phone soltuions at the core of the customer experience. The Post-Sales area is located at the end of the customer path through the store, ensuring that the customer feels comfortable and well-looked after

The interior design focuses on the new brand colours with accents on the entrance and the post-sales zone, in order to attract the customer and highlight these zones. Raw materials and urban accents bring together an unostentatious look that reinforces BASE’s underdog position. “Go Mobile” is BASE’s new motto, and it really does live by it: the store has been designed to be as flexible and mobile as possible, so all fixtures and fittings are removable, meaning it can adapt to any changes that the store may need to implement.

The wooden framework on the walls invites the consumer to explore the store and discover the whole range of mobile solutions. The merchandising and digital technology on display invite the customer to explore, test and compare the products on offer. The tone of voice and general atmosphere are simple, straightforward, and positive, making it an intuitive experience for the customer.

Design: Minale Design Strategy
Photography: Olivier Seignette

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