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August 11th, 2017 by retail design blog

Smart interior for big data: emetriq relies on Seel Bobsin Partner for interior design.

Hamburg, 20th of July 2017 – sbp (Seel Bobsin Partner) (www.sbpdesign.de) realizes another individual workspace project. Following the slogan „smart interior for big data“ sbp takes over the whole design concept and its realization for the new premises of the Telekom subsidiary emetriq based in the Port of Hamburg.

Holistic office space planning considering individual factors
emetriq is the initiator of the largest data pool of the digital advertising industry. The aim of the collaborative data-sharing model is to pool information about advertising target groups in order to create and establish a German alternative for large American groups like Google.
The company employs approximately 80 people in the office building BOA VISTA.

It is directly located on the opposite of „Überseebrücke“ in the Port of Hamburg – overlooking the „Elbphilharmonie“ (Elbe Philharmonic Hall) and the landmark „Landungsbrücken“. The open space concept for the emetriq GmbH is dominated by a space-shaping individual frame system laid out for workbenches with four or six workstations with integrated task area lighting. The yellow frames are functional team-oriented communication points as well as monitor equipped large notice board. That’s how the areas at the harbour wall can „breathe“ naturally like ebb and flow and be adapted flexibly to the current needs of the company.

Realisation of flexible workplace solutions and representative special areas
Generous and highly flexible social areas with the best quality of stay allow varied internal as well as external uses. Hence emetriqs representative areas are not only being used for team meetings but also for client events and workshops. The high design standards as well as the workplace flexibility go along with the intention to offer potential employees from the marketing and data science field an exceptionally attractive work environment.

The new lease space includes a generous open glass facade on the ground floor which emetriq uses to communicate the transparency issue to the outside. Transparency is a complex and crucial topic in the data business. emetriq is, in many ways, characterized by high transparency which was also consciously taken into account for the office design.

Stefan Kunze, project leading advisor of the emetriq GmbH, says: “Together with sbp we created a working environment, which matches emetriq and allows to live a dynamic corporate culture. The employees, applicants and clients feedback is extremely positive.“

Pictures by Karsten Knocke

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