LANQIAOHUA packaging by Xiangaopeng

September 14th, 2017 by retail design blog

Limited edition of packaging design of health-care food. The buckwheat brand mainly focuses on the buckwheat food industry, the limited edition products are mainly targeted at the health care products market. After in-depth exchange and communication for research, the overall packaging should reflect the limited scarcity and the health care concept, thus the outer packing box has used dry flowers of buckwheat, combining with handcrafted sealing wax to seal.

The main pattern has adopted deer, cranes, turtles and unicorns, which represent longevity and health, along with buckwheat. Compared with similar products, it is novel and provides people with a strong visual memory. This has laid the foundation for the following promotion of the buckwheat brand.

Design: Xiangaopeng

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