Crawford Hoying Corporate Office by Kelly Eyink at M+A Architects, Dublin – Ohio

September 29th, 2017 by retail design blog

Using rich, dark tones and sophisticated materials, Crawford Hoying’s (CH) new office leaves a lasting impression.
Rooted in real estate and apartment rentals, an experiential art installation presents truly meaningful components of CH’s brand. Keys float on the lobby wall creating a field of texture and conveying historical facts about CH’s deep history. Digital graphics highlighting CH’s great work scroll across multiple monitors in the lobby.

Accompanying the digital graphics are sophisticated gloss on matte, frosted acrylic and stainless elements which represent the brand in a more tactile, non-digital format. Executive offices offer a sophisticated, unique feel through translucent film mounted on glass and printed with gray-scale photography. This lets in natural light, but also allows a level of privacy.

Design: Kelly Eyink at M+A Architects
Photography: Cory Klein

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