Edward Beiner store by MNA, Disney Springs, Orlando – Florida

October 7th, 2017 by retail design blog

Edward Beiner sought an architectural identity that elevated the customer experience and expressed the luxury of the brand. In response, MNA designed a scheme that equates the product with art. A barrel vaulted room of hand-troweled white plaster is backed by a black framed wall of antiqued mirror.

Supported on slender posts along the walls, large backlit display boxes of tarnished brass and blackened steel are each topped with picture lights like paintings in a gallery. Each “canvas” is divided into a grid that allows ultimate flexibility in display and subtly equates the product with artwork.

An ebonized wood feature wall with glowing inset light box is centrally located on the entry axis, announcing the brand. It artfully conceals cash stations as well as box storage. The vaults are kept pure and untouched, with lighting and air delivered at concealed perimeter coves.

Suspended from above, a custom square linear pendant directs light up to the vaults and down to the tables below where associates assist customers. This design – unified yet with discreet parts, abstract yet evocative, simple yet rich – communicates luxury, craft and creativity.

Design: MNA
Photography: Edward Beiner

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