Bookcases and TV stand collection by Extendo

May 23rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Extendo is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of interior design units.The eco-friendly commitment is a key aspect of Extendo design and it completely shapes the creative process. Discover the new bookcases collections, realized with high quality materials and attention to details.

The patented XY system enables you to position the shelves along vertical Y-axis and the pairs of load-bearing profiles along horizontal X-axis. Positioning along X and Y is completely free, without any preset positions. This creates a load-bearing framework that can be completed with backs, sides, tilting or leaf doors, drawer units and a range of other accessories.

HPL (laminated to full thickness) is the material used to build the frames and shelves of the 6mm bookshelf. It is assembled without any need for visible nuts or bolts by gluing the fitted parts into one another. Just 6 mm thick HPL suffices to create a bookshelf that is extremely resistant against loads and abrasion of the surfaces.

Each composition of From>to is configured using 6 basic modules, determined by three width variables (40-60-80 cm) and two height variables (40-20 cm). The number of modules can be freely chosen, and they can then be assembled horizontally at variable intervals to the millimetre and vertically following simple rules.

The frame in extruded aluminium forming the support structure of Monolith gives an extremely firm structure with free configuration of the inner partitions. This composition system forms a very simple set to assemble and re-configure, without doubling the thicknesses of its inner sides.

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