Carol Cantelli Decor & Mais by Ricebean Studio, Campo Grande – Brazil

October 17th, 2017 by retail design blog

The architect Carol Cantelli is one of the best-known digital influencers about architecture in Brazil. In addition to the extremely good taste projects, she introduces lectures and workshops all over the country sharing her experience. Owner of a charisma and a unique humor, in the short time inserted in the digital medium, has conquered more than a million followers throughout the country in love with her work, her irreverent way and his generosity in sharing knowledge. Through her social media, she shares 3D software tips for architecture students and professionals, gives tips for projects, coatings, customer relationship, and market.

She is invited to the biggest architecture events in Brazil and shows everything she sees through her social networks, but the subject is not limited to architecture alone; events, everyday life, travel, and lifestyle are some of the various other subjects addressed by the architect. Due to her rapid growth at social media, the architect felt the need to establish a unique visual identity, and thus strengthen the perception of unity between her two Instagram profiles: Carol Cantelli and Decor & Mais.

Our role was to develop a new visual identity, consistent enough to embrace very diverse subjects. For this, a new brand was created, joining the names of the two profiles. The union of these 4 words is the union of two great forces. The Brand speaks for itself. In addition to the Decor refer to the activity of the professional, & Mais (English: & More) opens doors to numerous possibilities of new segments and subjects that can be approached by the Brand. Carol Cantelli Decor & Mais is not limited to providing an excellent service of interior architecture.

The Brand goes beyond conventional boundaries, touching the heart of its followers, establishing a true connection with its public, spreading knowledge and positively transforming people’s lives. Through our immersion in the Carol Cantelli Decor & Mais universe, we could identify the brand intangible qualities: personality, values, identity, and DNA. In this way, we were able to understand its essence and make it tangible in its Strategic Brand Platform and in the Visual Identity Platform.

Design: Ricebean Studio

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  1. I must say these designs are highly professional, modern and beautiful. Thank you so much for share!

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