Contemporary women’s department, belle boutique, Magasin du Nord by Office twelve, Copenhagen – Denmark

November 17th, 2017 by retail design blog

Danish department store, Magasin du Nord, has unveiled its new premium contemporary women’s department, designed and made by Office Twelve. The shop-in-shop concept evokes modern femininity with a cool Scandinavian aesthetic in a space that delivers Magasin du Nord’s vision with a unique, recognizable design language. Created to appeal to a new post-demographic audience with exacting tastes, the department launched with two high profile press events held at the Copenhagen flagship and at their Lyngby store.

The new design principles define every moment of the premium in-store experience, down to the smallest detail. Designer collections are presented against a backdrop of high quality finishes featuring solid maple, laser etched branding, concrete plinths, roes gold accents and luxury fitting rooms. Tessellating patterns are captured in mirrored chevrons with a play on reflective and matt surfaces.

The overall effect is spacious and sophisticated with every element evoking the premium quality of the department offer. The customer journey is enhanced with clear delineation, elegant hot spots, subtly staged VM and a catwalk feature. Open shelving suggests an exclusive boutique environment with space for key product display.

Design: Office twelve

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