Magasin du Nord Christmas Flagship Windows, Copenhagen – Denmark

December 27th, 2016 by retail design blog

Magasin du Nord’s Copenhagen flagship store, which overlooks the largest square in the city, has installed an animated Christmas display that spans eleven 3m windows.

It features Magasin du Nord’s Christmas character, Veronica, was first seen in 1936. Veronica is seen moving through each window of the department store in search of the perfect gift, drawing the attention of shoppers in the square.

The illustrations are hand drawn by Danish illustrator Mette Boesgaard and made specifically for each window. Each window tells its own story and comes to life through the different layers and moving elements.

Design: Magasin Windows Design
Photography: Gyrithe

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  1. Nice designing!!! I just love this and want to share this with all my coworker I hope it will be helpful for them for Xmas decoration.

  2. great!!! I was looking for the Xmas decoration design so thanks for sharing this with us I just love it.

  3. Wow it is a amazing designing after Xmas also I we can use this design for pasting our photograph so thanks for sharing this design with us.

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