The Mode Hair by SSOMOO DESIGN, Uijeongbu – South Korea

February 25th, 2018 by retail design blog

After the end of a cold winter, we loom forward to a warm spring. The beautiful spring does not simply mean the start of the four seasons. It could be a starting point of a life, a new leap for people who have failed. The word ‘spring’ is not only letters with implications for those who are confronted with a path of new selection during life, but also possesses a myriad of significance.

Perhaps the two clients at Mode Hair, who have experienced a long employee life, may have entered a new beginning like people who crave putting behind the cold and difficult period when they were staff expecting spring. In this aspect, the designer colored the extravagance of these thoughts in the space intuitively without filter. ‘Waiting for spring.’ It is a design concept of a small concept. With the leaves of pale green, which are stretching verdantly after enduring the cold winter, and peach pink that is reminiscent of fancy flowers blossoming on the brink of leaves and mountains as the motive, vividness was inserted to the whole space.

The mirror stand that one is confronted with first when opening the door is like a frame; it is designed so that the guests who are staying there are felt like the main characters of the canvas and by changing the angle of the frame rather than the fascination of the mirror stand frame material, it moves away from the fixed perspective of the commonly seen standing erect form. Rather than a stable boredom, an unstable form from change and enjoyment has been chosen.

If one walks slightly further, the shampoo room at the right of the shop and the staff room wall play the role of canvas so that the designer can freely unfold one’s thoughts. The harmonious minglement of pale green of the leaves that look like sprout may grow and the pink flowers that are like gifts of the beautiful spring convey the client’s mind of waiting for the warm spring to the guests as well as possessing the mind of craving melting into it.

Plants are placed in the structures with exposed ceilings and renders spring more realistic. The floors have been expressed in an unified achromatic color that makes them look more beautiful as well as apply a monotonous atmosphere to mix the beautiful colors. Overall, hoping the guests feel and enjoy the spirit of spring in many thoughts of the designers such as much change, beauty and stability, we look to finish impressions about completing this project.

Designed by Yunseo Jang, Jae Hwan Oh / SSOMOO DESIGN
Photography by Choi hyung wook / DM STUDIO

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