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Belgian industrial designer Jens Praet proves that recycling can be a lot more interesting than stuffing cans, bottles, magazines and cardboard into the proper recycling containers. Fossilized at Industry Gallery in Washington DC, is Praet’s first solo exhibition in the U.S.; his designs are made of shredded magazines and documents mixed with clear resin.

Fossilized features nine works – tables, consoles, benches and shelves, five of which are made of shredded magazines and four of shredded documents. Praet recycled magazines such as Art in America, Capitol File, Details, Fast Company, and Robb Report and shredded them through the paper shredder to end up with some pounds or kilos of recycled paper. Then, mixed with clear resin he created his own unique designs; each in an edition of 12 having created each design exclusively from a magazine title. Furthermore, equivalent works for all the designs except the large table were also accomplished using shredded documents mixed with semi-transparent white resin to create the balance of the exhibitions nine works.

The pieces are made by mixing the shredded paper with the resin and then poured into a molding plate. Once the resin has dried up and hardened, the pieces are popped out of the molding plate and finished off by hand. All Fossilized items are handcrafted in cooperation with Wandschappen, Rotterdam – The Netherlands. The creation of Fossilized was initiated by Praet’s concern regarding recycling and sustainable design, as well as the amount of paper waste being produced globally.

Fossilized is an assortment through which Praet addresses creatively, matters regarding sustainability. He communicates his message through a limited edition piece of furniture which has been created by generating a new purpose to a mass product such as magazines. Through this form of communication Praet makes the magazine unusable as a means of communication and information, but makes the most of it by creating a unique furniture piece.

According to Jens Praet , “what started out as a research project, turned out to be a continuously growing furniture collection that ended up transforming seemingly useless documents and leftover magazines into useful objects. Paper waste returns to our living or working area as usable furniture.”

The Shredded Collection Sidetable (Details Edition) is made from 6 kg Details magazine leftovers and clear resin…
Materials: Shredded Details magazines, clear resin
Dimensions: 750 x 850 x 400 mm (h x w x d)
Production: Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P

The Shredded Collection Bench (White Edition) is made from 3 kg shredded confidential documents and white pigmented resin. The top and shelves have been high gloss polished…
Materials: Shredded confidential documents, white pigmented resin
Dimensions:400 x 900 x 350 mm (h x w x d)
Production:Edition of 8 + 2AP + 2P

photos by Kaitey Whitehead © 2011, studio Jens Praet for Industry Gallery

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