Arnsdorf temporary concept store, Melbourne

June 6th, 2011 by retail design blog

Edwards Moore designed a temporary cave-like space, providing an intimate setting and backdrop for Arnsdorfs ‘Opticks’ collection. Inspired by crystalline forms and imagery of rocky landscapes, Edwards Moore reinterpreted an everyday wearable item- stretching and wrapping it to envelop the space in soft hues and showcase the sculptural collection.

Although this temporary store in Melbourne suburb Fitzroy was gone almost as soon as it came, hopefully its beautifully subtle design serves as inspiration to some of the more insipid retail spaces.

Embracing the muted elegance of Arnsdorf’s Opticks collection into the pop-up’s design, Edwards Moore transformed delicately hued hosiery into an all encompassing, pastel cocoon, creating an exquisitely fragile, cave-like feel to the space…

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