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The fast-food haven of Barcelona, Spain is none other than FASTVíNIC and is a physical representation of the most delicious dish. Not only the food is mouth-watering but the restaurant design as well. This particular hospitality design is entirely sustainable and eco-friendly.

It is one of the must-visit restaurants in Catalan capital. Design-wise, the establishment takes on 100% organic style but more importantly on the product that they use. It does not end here as the restaurant makes use of organic utensils making the restaurant earn LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Alfons Tost is the one who implemented and completed the organic concept. The idea behind this amazing restaurant is to create an extremely functional design yet comfortable and organic at the same time where everyone will feel welcomed.

The actual restaurant has two levels – ground floor and the underground level. The ground floor houses the kitchen and dining area while the underground level has the bathrooms and service office. The focal point of the design is the functional creation – perimetrical dexion racking – which can be used flexibly as a bar, table, seating, rack for plants and pots, shelves and wine rack.

Overall, the restaurant is a very accommodating and filled with warmth not usual in other establishments. In addition to the delicious food, the place is the perfect place to experience fine dining. A lot of people will get attracted to the organic feature of the building considering that only few restaurants follow the sustainable and eco-friendly theme.

Most people have stereotyping thought that fast-food establishments always wear sleek and sophisticated aura yet FASTVíNIC far exceeds that expectation. The materials utilized in the restaurant interiors as well as the finishing touches and fixtures are all organic.

Indeed, FASTVíNIC is 100% organic and the mentality behind the design and the products produced tread the same path as well making it a very appealing restaurant in Barcelona, Spain. Emphasizing on the organic approach, Alfons Tost complement the mouth-watering food and the organic utensils with his organic concept resulting to a very sustainable establishment that gets the attention it very much deserve.

The functionality of the restaurant is essential yet for Alfons Tost the relaxing and comfortable element of a restaurant is equally important as well. Thus, FASTVíNIC is the physical demonstration that relaxation and comfort to offer great dining experience and functionality to make access easy from one place to another can coexist.

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