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March 19th, 2012 by retail design blog

Izod launched in 1937 is a brand that associates itself with Outdoor, youthful, energetic, colorful and sporty spirit. Izod has a strong history with its participation in Indy races, celebrity affiliation and endorsements, pop culture connection, Izod center in New Jersey, United States also holds an important position with Izod. This is the First stand alone store in India. Which opened 2 weeks back.

The product story for SS12 is “FISHERMAN’S COVE”, which is all about a journey to the coastal areas of Uruguay, South America… Where one can witness raw woods loaded heavily with fisherman’s curios and collectibles. A scene full of ropes, nets, raw and unfinished crates, cylinders drums, barrels, lanterns and wicker baskets.
The unfinished edgy effect on the background creates an outdoor high spirited mood especially the wooden planks of uneven surface and widths. The use of colors in form of buoys and tees is the main talking point in the window. Tints and hues of Sunset orange, Aqua Marine Blue, Caribbean green, Banana Mania, Electric lime etc. creates a great contrast whereas the pastels are calming and makes the bright stand out. Mannequins are high in fashion. The look is very outdoor and thrown together with an unfinished feel.
Use of larger than life fishing net tent structure made with ropes and ladder makes the windows visually fascinating, stimulate a much more subtle yet a strong connect with the brand and are guaranteed to create a strong desire to BUY! The minor details like fishing nets, wicker baskets, rope framed Uruguay map gives a nod towards nostalgia. Result is a fresh and outdoor window clearly depicting the theme and image of the Brand.

Sandesh S Shet
Head- Store Design & Visual Merchandising.
Arrow-Gant-IZOD. INDIA.

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