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The Serpentarium – snakes in a new skin – Entrance and shop of the reptile zoo in Mojo design
The Serpentarium is no longer hidden away between the many hotels and catering outlets on the Blankenberge dike. Holiday guests can now discover the 250 reptiles and amphibians of the Serpentarium in their natural biotope; Mojo has designed a fitting and outstanding biotope for these visitors.

Commissioned by the KMDA non-profit organisation (which is also responsible for Planckendael and the Antwerp ZOO), Mojo developed a new entrance and shop area in the Serpentarium, with a new event area on the dike itself as an extension. In a clearly recognisable Zoo look & feel, the design addresses the core questions that arose during the briefing phase with regard to increased customer experience and education in a striking manner. Mojo provided the concept and the overall implementation of the project.

The design concept is based on the natural biotope of its inhabitants, reflected by a dark and green colour scheme, materials including wood, concrete, rattan and plants and by the polygonal shapes that evoke the skin of reptiles. The polygonal, green-illuminated ceiling is the immediate eye-catcher of the interior concept. The visitor is immediately plunged into a real jungle atmosphere.

A brand-new entrance creates distant attraction on the dike, while the green façade enhances visibility and sets the Serpentarium apart from the neighbouring premises. The mysterious appearance of the entrance arouses curiosity, and its transparency increases accessibility. Even the visual link with the polygonal event area on the dike contributes to the creation of interested traffic.

The shop was moved forward, making it also accessible for people who do not want to visit the Serpentarium. Three functions are now integrated in a single open area: ticket sales, shop options and education. The larger entrance hall with a central, visible counter invites interaction, and ensures a better service for the visitors.

They move through an inspiring and structured shop area, where, under the polygonal green ceiling, the attractive product presentations appear truly tempting in a variety of display units in polygonal shapes. The use of baskets also provides a unique jungle touch. Commercial dynamics around the counter area also ensure enhanced turnover.

Finally, the educational role of the Serpentarium has also been seamlessly integrated into this area in an inviting manner. We find something for everyone at every (eye) level; the rotating cubes at child level tempt the smallest visitors, while the boxes above provide interesting information for older children and adults. You immediately feel that this will be an interesting journey; across the jungle and up to the arid climate of the desert, along dozens of terrariums containing poisonous snakes, lizards, frogs and spiders.

Ann Morel
Client Services Director
+32 (0)3 844 17 88

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