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Amsterdam, May 1, 2012… Storeage, the Amsterdam based retail design agency, has created KPN XL, a full service business center for Dutch telecommunications giant KPN. Storeage’s task was to revitalize the company’s existing business center model, with the Eindhoven store being the first of many redesigns. The focus of KPN XL is to provide a one-stop full array of services to existing business clients, while attracting new ones from the consumer market. Storeage made it its mission to translate XL into a premium experience of service and commerce combined.

Consumer response to the store has been overwhelming positive. Not only does the store score high marks in service appreciation (with a net promoter score of +66), it also shows an increase in business of around 54%.

Storage started its design process with a thorough analysis of consumer needs in both the business and consumer segments of KPN’s market. The research revealed a deep and unifying need among both groups; the desire for a telecom concept centered on service and allowing ample time to execute those services. Clarity, trust and a welcoming feel were the other factors that scored high. The design team also examined high-end hotel lobbies, particularly the level of service and comfort a guest would experience.

At KPN XL, customers are greeted by a host, much like they would be in a hotel. They are then led to an oval shaped lounge area in the center of the store; its shape signifying the “world of KPN.” From here, visitors can access customer service areas, meeting rooms, product displays and a service and repair counter, each with a slightly different look and feel.

“Our research gave us great insight on which to base our design process. Instead of building an XL store filled with products, we focused on creating an easy and comfortable customer journey,” said Leendert Tange, partner and co-founder of Storeage. “From being recognised by a host when entering to being reassured of KPN’s service commitment on exit, the total experience is personal and presents KPN as a true partner versus a supplier.”

The oval shaped lounge area is enclosed by bookshelves with several openings that allow customers to see and access other areas of the shop. It is warmly lit and created using darker finishes to achieve a loungey feel. Consumers can relax on plush furnishings while they wait, or view and test KPN’s array of products.

The product areas of the store are lighter and minimal in design, using white and metallic shades and a light wood floor. The use of concrete and the metal mesh ceiling in the customer service area creates an industrial look, evoking a traditional workshop.

Private meeting rooms feature warm lighting and darker furnishings and accessories, aimed at making visitors feel like they’re in someone’s home or office. Room dividers are all completely transparent so consumers can see every corner of the store. “This reflects KPN’s openness and availability to its customers,” said Martijn Hoogendijk, Storeage’s lead designer on the project. Wall graphics include old telex tape and images of switchboard operators and young mobile phone users, showing KPN’s long heritage and commitment to providing excellent service.

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