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Liberating façade. In the middle lays a beer offering counter which is the biggest characteristic of this brasserie. This gives the impression of vibrant atmosphere and identity to the passersby.

St.Bernardus is a name of a brewery that is still making an imprint in the history of Belgium beer. Since the beer made in this brewery has unique deep taste, enchanting the hearts of critics and connoisseurs of beer, export of this beer is implored from all over the world. A brasserie named after such a famous brewery is open here in “Tokyo” for the first time in the world.

A look in the open kitchen and the main counter. Organized design of horizontal direction and bustle of random design of vertical direction make comfortable balance.

The concept of this brasserie is “a bar designed along with brewery.” It is a place one can casually enjoy everyday events, such as meal and drinking parties, cherishing the Belgium culture and history of brewery.

Antique look designs give the sense of Belgium beer history. On the other hand, you can see the contemporary perfection in the details.

Therefore, the brasserie, as a whole, is built in the image of old shop in Belgium, additional buildings made a little by little, showing a sense of historical background. It is built by the technique of fixing the slight blurs arose from designs consisting of various intentions.

Simple layout, yet have proper characters in each area.

First, the kitchen and the space for beer server are open space. Taking advantage of the height of the ceiling, a loft is built in the upper part of the kitchen where it is visible from every seat. The display of beer crates and empty barrels produces miscellaneous prosperity with abundant inventories of brewery. Moreover, chairs, chandeliers, posters and labels decorated on the wall are all antiques bought in Belgium, and its presence and art of reproducing Belgium culture add beauty to the atmosphere of the brasserie.

High tables are laid near the façade. It is possible to use this separately or in combination. There are cushions wrapped around the pipes of the brasserie boundary. There are functions where you can lean over and prop elbows.

Thus, irregular prosperity is everywhere inlaid in a good sense, and on the other hand, the designs penetrating through the brasserie, such as patterns found on the floor and band of light treated in the open kitchen, gives a feeling of unification to the brasserie, and creates comfortable feeling of cleanliness and identity.

The open kitchen is visible from all seats in the brasserie. Movement of the staff members give liveliness to the shop and facilitate communication with the customers.

The design of arch outlined by the continuous wooden plates in the upper part of facade is imitated from the design used in the warehouse of brewery, and it also plays the role in creating mental structure of this brasserie while expressing respects to ones who make the beer.

Chandeliers hung from the ceiling are all antiques. All tables are original and are made with antique taste.

Designer: Aiji Inoue, Yuki Kanai / DOYLE COLLECTION co.,ltd.
Constructor: Kunitoshi Tanaka / Den Office
Area: 95.04sqm
Photographer: Satoru Umetsu/ Nacasa&Partners

Wall surface are coated with brand color. Labels and posters concerning beer are displayed. Also, Belgium map is designed on the wall surface so that you will find out the place of the beer brewery that is provided in the brasserie.

Doyle Collection co., ltd. was established by Aiji Inoue in 2011, based in Tokyo. Aiji Inoue, CEO of Doyle Collection, has been an Interior Architect for 11 years at Japanese famous design studio. He has created many projects and became highly evaluated by the time at which is finished. The special feature of his works is sequence. His work has expanded from Japan to Asia in only one year.

Rays of lights are designed in the counter as an eye-catcher. Furthermore, there is a loft at the upper part of the kitchen to display beer case.

The character of Belgium beer is to prepare for the same number of beer types and types of glasses. There are proper lighting productions in various parts.

You can feel St. Bernardus brewery’s spiritual connection through the façade design as well as the identities.

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