cylk store installation by Studio Twocan, Melbourne

November 19th, 2012 by retail design blog

cylk, Melbourne’s most innovative fashion label and recent winners of the Melbourne Design Awards, are launching a limited edition capsule collection celebrating the Australian Spring. Featuring an exclusive print inspired by natural rock and crystal formations and a rusty colour palette inspired by the scorched Australian landscape, the collection is 100% Made in Melbourne, by Ethical Clothing Australia accredited producers, from luxurious natural fibres.

To celebrate the launch of this collection, cylk have commissioned local artists to create an installation in their award winning Flagship store on Chapel Street. The artwork will reflect the essence of the cylk brand and this collection.

A collaboration between cylk and Studio Twocan –The Spring Tapestry is a sculptural work of intertwining natural and recycled materials. Inspired by the flagship boutique’s exposed fixtures and rustic textures, untreated Tasmanian oak dowels are held together with copper joints.

Through form and colour, the work highlights the unique aspects of the S12/13 cylk collections.The interconnecting forms are inspired by arabesque artistic decoration, hand wound thread wrapping exemplifies craftsmanship and speaks to cylk’s unique and award winning sustainable yarn development.

Rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and interlacing tendrils and the myriad of colours compliment the cylk collection and combine to create a unique and compelling work, where design, sculpture and fashion are fused.cylk see the ‘Made in Melbourne’ collection and associated collaboration as a celebration of Melbourne. In a time when most manufacturers are looking to move off-shore, cylk is looking to bring more and more of their production home to Melbourne.

Artist Bio:
Studio Twocan is made up of emerging creative duo, Maddy and Becc Sharrock. Having shared a keen and life-long interest in creativity, their chosen paths have lead the sisters in different directions. Becc – described as direct, organised and pragmatic – has a career within the graphic design realm, and has worked at various prominent design studios throughout Melbourne. Maddie – the fearless and shameless sister – holds a keen interest in fine art and production, making and exhibiting work in both Melbourne and London.
The sisters embark on collaborative projects to highlight the power of shared skills and knowledge – to challenge the way we design, create, make and experiment. Their works achieve an innovative link between design and art production.

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