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Studio is located in Beijing’s 798 Art District, that is the old industrial base built on the most vibrant arts district of China, there is a variety of arts activities every day. The construction land was originally a collapsed old warehouse, ithas been built on this land for a three layers of steel structure building. There are some different buildings very close to the land.

In order to save space and construction costs, construction almost did not make any space and form of change, but the facade of the building be fitted with the U glass and windows, the only light surface hope this can meet adequate lighting for indoor and ventilation requirements, the U glass meet the lighting while avoiding the roads to the interior facade brings visual disturbances.

Office is designed as a large open space, there is no room to make a rigid partition, work area, conference area, lounge and reception area. There is a huge wood shelves as space defined, a transparent large office bookcase trying to create a free and open work space, making it with happiness, equality, open working atmosphere.

Office interior materials using the most simple OU song sheet, galvanized sheet, white paint, and cement floors. There are just with some simple ordinary green plants in the room. There is no paint decorative surface solid wood furniture for almost all, it maintaining the unique wood the warmth and texture. Without any modification of these combinations of materials, that provide a bright and warm colors for the office, it is an authentic feel, is a kind of self-confidence and self-contained space can qualities.

There are coffee and music in the studio, where you can hope to make the building design become a part of life, or in the architectural design experience the joy of life, architectural design should not be a too serious and rigid work, where the architect’s office space should allow people to relax, learn elegant work, with a calm state of mind to do research rather than blindly rush map and kept on the run. Also, we hope that we can feel the time and the rhythm of The Times in the work environment, feel the joy which design, feel the meaning of life and the design value.

Designed by Tao Lei Architecture Studio
Photography by Tao Lei Architecture Studio

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