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The New Design Agency Allianz is an elegant and modern place characterized by a welcoming atmosphere, which promotes the relationship between Agent and customer strengthening the brand
identity of the first insurance Company in the world.

Allianz is the first insurance brand in the world, which stands out for its consistency thanks to a reliable network of agents and employees. Allianz is leading a redesign process of the agencies with a design solution aimed to strengthen the brand leadership and to improve the shopping experience, through technological innovation in service delivery and the enhancement of the new visual identity.

The project, started in July 2012, has had important milestones culminating in the presentation of the first agency in Corso Italia 21 in Milan, inaugurated on June 17. Initially, a thorough analysis has been conducted to understand the context using surveys in Italy, Germany and France and interviews with 63 agents in different countries.

Some meetings were carried out for the evaluation of creative drafts and to discuss about the new service model with the management and the Allianz Partner Agents Committee. The project passed through a technical development stage, after the approval by the CEO George Sartorel and by the Allianz Partner Agents Committee in late 2012: at this step were developed the furnishing drawings and preliminary architectural prototypes.

New Design Agency Allianz is a stylish and modern environment, which promotes the relationship between Agent and customer. The service is developed in different areas interpretating the new way of Allianz communication in an interactive atmosphere with a great visual impact. The project breaks the standards of the traditional insurance service model, realizing a comfortable space designed to make the customer feel at ease with new counseling workstations, an important welcome area and a zone for fast operations.

Thanks to the strong attractiveness of the display case, the distinctiveness of the Allianz Agency is recognizable from the outside. Once inside, the counselor welcomes the customer and invites him to sit in one of the workstations designed to remove the hierarchies and to enhance the relationships, thanks to a confidential and personalized counseling. The service is even more effective and efficient thanks to new technological tools that increase customer satisfaction.

Designed to offer Allianz products, the new interactive table Allianz One expresses innovation. The Partner Agents consolidates its relationship with customers in restricted and elegant areas provided for the New Design Agency, underlining the excellence of the advice given. A sophisticated Meeting Room has been prepared for the most important institutional meetings, emphasizing the Group’s leadership.

The brand values of quality, clarity, modernity and elegance were channeled through the set of all finishing materials. The choice of these elements has been studied in detail to create a refined environment: light and dark wood and steel give life to a welcoming atmosphere consistent with the professionalism of Allianz. The final result is a very bright and reassuring space, that communicates strength and confidence to the customer.

The new Allianz Agencies are harmonic and functional spaces, giving life to a revolutionary experience which will enhance the relationships with all those customers that have entrusted themselves to the group for years. The development and management of the project have been made by Crea International and DINN!

Designed by DINN!
Photos by Dario Garofalo

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