Euroshop Düsseldorf 2014 – STUDIO DEGA

April 1st, 2014 by retail design blog

STUDIO DEGA specializes in designing and construction of exclusive exhibition stands. The company comprises Designing and Production Divisions able to fulfill the most complicated tasks within the shortest period. As the base constructive systems we use Octanorm MAXIMA Light, MAXIMA, Burkhardt Leitner constructiv PILA Doppelstock, INFINITYCONST. Our clients are Nord-West Telecom, Citroen, EGYPT, Caterpillar, Laverna, Rosan Bombardier, Viessmann, Samsung, Apple, Peterstar, Metrocom, Nita, Teplo-Art, Divo-Ostrov… the key priorities of the company include creative modern design, construction quality and long-term partnership relations with clients.

Images courtesy of Retail Design Blog

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