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In the former Coca-Cola’s factory in Milan, rebuilt and refurbished, we now find the “Loft Cafè”, a bistro on two floors and around 230 sqm, where we can enjoy and relax inside a sustainable environment.

The concept came from the idea of bringing the vegetation into a highly industrialized area, and this was achieved creating a conceptual forest inside the bistro. Reintroducing the vegetative matter or the eco-sustainable elements in an habitat has become nowadays more than ever the post-modern architectural challenge, especially in a society which is critically facing a phase of urban emptiness.

On the other hand, this challenge must be faced through both humility and discretion. Humility towards the origins, the roots of the organism which we take from its natural state, and discretion in recomposing this inevitable nature through an harmonious union with the other architectural elements.

Over the 6 meter high walls this conceptual forest has been created with stylized trees made out of green moss, giving us the impression that nature can enclose our environment with its colours, placing the customer into a fantastic forest. This vertical garden becomes then an element that generates a new perception of nature, fascinating and amazing, with an unusual verticality that allows to create innovative scenery.

The moss trees were embedded into acoustic panels, thus reducing the environmental noise which is typical of commercial spaces and helped achieving a natural well-being. Other green elements were placed around the bistro, using the moss also as an aesthetical spot of nature, trying to express how difficult it usually is to introduce it in a urban environment.

Every detail and furniture of this bistro has been designed by the Isacco Brioschi Studio, controlling both the overall aesthetics and the sustainability principles. An example of this approach is the use of a sustainable paint which uses a natural pigment for its colours as opposed to a chemical one. The “Spring Form” lamps, also designed by the Studio, were especially created for this bistro, using readymade objects and scrap steel sheets. In the tables, which are placed under the moss trees, we created steel inserts which resembles autumn leaves fallen randomly on the ground thus enhancing once again the concept of nature which is all around us.

Design – arch. Isacco Brioschi
Executive Direction – arch. Isacco Brioschi
Collaborators – Carlo Bianchi , Alexandra Georgescu
General Contractor – Tino Sana srl
Forniture Design – Isacco Brioschi Architecture & Design
Constructor – Giva srl

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